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Swapnatheeram is a homestay resort situated at calicut .Swapnatheeram is engulfed with natural beauty of Kerala, and perhaps is the only paradise visible to human eyes on the face of earth. It’s the most apt location to visit and witness an era gone before you. It is- well maintained and perfectly preserved. Oloppara situated on the banks of Koyambrathazham river is all about holidaying in unconstrained acres of thriving greenery that never fails to mesmerize anyone. It is no wonder that this place has been conferred a Heritage Resort & Homestay Status.The place is so beautiful that you would feel visiting again and again....

Swapnatheeram Homestay Calicut

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Kozhikode is a coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala. It was a significant spice trade center and is close to Kappad Beach, where Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed in 1498. The central Kozhikode Beach, overlooked by an old lighthouse, is a popular spot for watching the sunset. Inland, tree-lined Mananchira Square, with its musical fountain, surrounds the massive Mananchira Tank, an artificial pond

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It is one of the best village side place to hangout. The best time to visit the place is early morning and evening.